Mango Bars – Mango Madness Month

you like mango well now try this


Mango bar

Mangooooooooooooes!! They are everywhere. It’s the same story, every summer in India! Every grocery store, street vendor (selling fruits and vegetables) have been hijacked with the fruit. The lady who occasional rigs my bell to sell fish (carrying it in a huge container on her head) is also selling mangoes instead.

YES – it is a delicious and a fragrant fruit no doubt and in India it is actually considered as the king of fruit. I do really like it too!!

SO, I am going to make a few recipes with mangoes back to back. A salad, an entree, a dessert (current post), a frozen treat and a drink. Its only fair to give the fruit its due importance. I will be using a combination of raw and ripe mangoes for the recipes. Just in case mangoes are not readily available in your regular grocery store – make a trip to…

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