Would you eat a waffle taco?



Would you trade in your normal breakfast for a Waffle Taco?

Taco Bell hopes so.

The fast-food chain has been testing the concept in a handful of location in Southern California, according to USA Today.

The ‘taco’ is scrambled egg, a sausage patty and syrup plopped inside a waffle folded and served to look like a taco. It sells for 89 cents.

Would you eat it? Let us know in the comments below.

By: Matt Knight for WTKR

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Comfort Food Done My Way – Mac n’ Cheese


Gazing In

Last week Kirk was gone on another business trip which left me with 3 kids, stuck at home during a miserable heat wave (which was pretty odd for our area). I was feeling pretty far down. And tired. Alistaire has 8 teeth coming in, all at once, which yeah, has made for a “joyful” week (and it is till going on – they are his first molars!). He was (and is still) awake every couple of hours, every night, meaning I wasn’t functioning pretty hotly. Feeling sorry for myself all I craved was a big bowl o’ mac n’ cheese. Nothing vegan. I wanted it all, full octane. But with a twist….I adapted a recipe for cheese sauce I had seen on a box of corn starch…and ended up with the silkiest, smoothest cheese sauce ever. It was amazing tasting. A flour roux? Never again. From now on I am making it…

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Under a dome of plastic, sparklers and cherry belles

HOME GARDENING saves money and gives a great return on your investment

Cultural Instructions

Take a peek, under the hoops, at what is growing in my little polytunnel:

Polytunnels are not pretty. The plastic sheeting glinting in the sun, rippling in the breeze on plastic hoops, does not blend easily into the earthy, natural delights of my garden. It’s an interloper, an alien, definitely unnatural and inorganic. It doesn’t belong!

Aesthetically unpleasing, polytunnels caught my eye – and then impressed me. Gee, those heat-trapping and insect-repelling domes really produce the goods! I became envious of several massive, walk-in tunnels that have sprouted up on the allotment. Look at those tomato vines, dripping with non-blighted fruit… Check out those brussels sprouts and purple sprouting broccoli, not a cabbage white on them…

And so early this year – keen to get growing, anxious not to have such a dismal season as last year – when I stumbled across a basic kit of plastic sheeting and hoops…

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Breakfast Made Easy


The Food and Fitness Chick


Breakfast…everyone’s gripe. “I don’t have enough time.” “I’m just not hungry in the morning!” blah blah blah.  Breakfast REALLY is the most important meal of the day.  You wouldn’t drive your car on empty, so, why would you start your day without any fuel in your tank.  Green smoothies, in my opinion, are one of the fastest, easiest, ways to pack a ton of nutrition into your day.  On the contrary to popular belief, using the blender in the morning is not too time consuming.

I wake up around 4 am and have half a banana before my run and save the other half.  When I come home and finish my workout, I prepare the smoothie before getting dressed for the day.  I typically use 2 cups of spinach, 4 or 5 medium strawberries, 1/2 a banana, a quarter of an apple, 6 ounces of plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 a…

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Giuliani’s Stromboli – (Recipe)

STROMBOLI not just a sandwich

The Sparkling Spoon

This recipe is for my brother, Giuliani, who absolutely loves this dish! “Giuliani’s Stromboli” is why this is named after him!

Don’t know what to make for dinner? Want to try something different? Are you feeling like you want an “Italian Style” meal? Well, I am going to teach you all how to make a spinach & prosciutto stromboli! It sounds difficult, but is super easy! And since I know making the dough is probably a process for some, I will give you the simple and easy way to do this!


(1) 1 Box of Spinach (you can use frozen, but you have to let it defrost first).

(2) Cheese (mozzarella, genuino, etc are fine). I like genuino, but you can use whatever you’d like!

(3) Prosciutto (cubed and cut into small chunks)

(4) Garlic

(5) Tomatoes

(6) Pizza dough. (If you don’t want to make this by yourself…

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Station 22

Another Highly recommended place in UTAH

Munch on This, Utah!

The place: Station 22 Cafe, in that hip little strip of downtown Provo, at 22 West Center Street, Provo, UT 84606

Contact info: online at http://www.station22cafe.com, on Facebook, by phone at (801) 607-1803

Reservations: No


  • Lunch/Dinner:  Mon – Sat / 11 – 10

About: At Station 22, we dig way down deep into our American roots to bring you fresh, reinvented versions of family recipes, classic dishes and some new flavors you never imagined. … Station 22 grew organically to become what it is today. Rather than bringing in an outside concept, the historic downtown brought this concept to us. We have tried to tailor this restaurant to the needs and wants of the community by listening closely to comments and critique. We adjust constantly and strive to improve our business every day. We hope it shows! Source: Station 22 website, http://station22cafe.com/our-roots/

Station 22

The ambiance: You get the…

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